is an interactive education about personal growth, career development and entrepreneurship. The program is designed and delivered by entrepreneurs, diplomats, PR and HR specialists, media specialists and many other professionals


our lecturers are pros, each having worked ten plus years in their respective fields: business, diplomacy, new media, education, PR, HR etc.


in a simple and easy way we will explain personal growth, career development and entrepreneurship. Trainers will share their unique experience and not a stuff you can find on Google.


we model real-life situations, play games, practice, go through tips and tricks which differ from those taught at school but they perfectly work in the real life.


seminars can be delivered in English, Russian or Latvian. Duration: from 1-2 hours for separate modules up to 10-16 hours for the full seminar program (receiving a certificate).


in this seminar we will reveal what exactly you are dreaming about and will show you how to reach it. You will find out about the goal setting techniques and traps to avoid.


in this seminar you will discover your brand. We will reveal why it is important to tell your story by yourself and not give it to others. And much more about social media and its use.


we will discuss what a career is and how to build it successfully, how to write an ideal CV, how to use your talents and design you dream job. How to do what you love and earn with it.


here we will talk about the ideal business idea and how to get from it to the real product. How to test your product, how to find customers and make them happy.


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program director
Matthew Thompson
Kristina Urboniene
Andris Arhomkins
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or how to talk to youth about the career

Find out what you LOVE to do

who need it

Make the world a BETTER place

Do what you love and turn it into a successful career

“Different career education or how to talk to youth about the career” is a seminar for teachers, career consultants, parents, youth workers and those who work with youth. In this seminar we talk on how to address topics such as career choice in a modern world, how to design and build a job for a youngster, how to involve youth in a discussion about career, how goal setting and personal development can lead to the successful career. We will also go through the modern CV writing, motivational letter and job interview. We will play games and explore various hands-on exercises on goal setting, personal growth and career. After the seminar you will be able to address career issues with more confidence and passion. Your students will have clarity about their future career and goals.

Length of a program: 14 academic hours

At the end of a program the participants receive a certificate.

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